r/AnalogueInc Hardware Ownership Census 2021

I’d like to thank the 452 members who participated in this year’s r/AnalogueInc Hardware Ownership Census. Here’s the breakdown.

Which Analogue consoles do you current own or have pre-ordered?

Nt mini4.4%20
Super Nt47.1%213
Mega Sg64.6%292
Nt mini Noir47.8%216
Pocket (Pre-order)45.1%204

236 responses (52.2%) own some variant of Nt mini

55 responses indicated they do not own any Analogue hardware.

Which of the following Analogue consoles do you plan on ordering when available?

Super Nt42%190
Mega Sg5.1%23

82 responses indicated they had no plans on ordering any Analogue hardware.

Which discontinued Analogue console do you plan on buying from the second-hand market?

Nt mini2%9
Nt mini Noir4.4%20
Fun fact, one of the Nt mini Noir responses was mine. I’ve since acquired it.

428 responses indicated they had no intention of buying Analogue hardware from the second-hand market.

1 responses indicated they don’t own, nor plan to own, any Analogue hardware.

Do you own Analogue DAC?

Yes83 votes
No369 votes

Would you buy a $199 NES console from Analogue?

Yes227 votes
No225 votes

99 responses said they’d buy a $199 NES despite owning some form of Nt mini.

Desirability Table

This combines both ownership and intent to buy figures, ranking the hardware by its desirability.

#1Super Nt89.1%
#3Mega Sg69.7%
#4Nt mini Noir52.2%
#6Nt mini6.4%
Nt mini & Nt mini Noir achieves a combined desirability percentage of 58.6%, still ranking fourth.

My take on the census results

It is probably no surprise that the two platforms with the highest ownership are also the two with the most availability in 2020: Mega Sg & Nt mini Noir.

In terms of overall desirability, Super Nt is king, beating out Pocket. I didn’t expect that.

DAC has seen pretty small uptake, which is to be expected. For me, the Analogue products are all about the crisp HDMI experience. Analogue was right to make the DAC a separate product to cut costs for Super Nt, etc.

It’s good to see interest for the Duo is notable, especially considering the majority of it’s supported platforms are also playable on Pocket.

Despite the Noir’s popularity, a good percentage of members would still buy a $199 NES console. I hope Analogue finally fills this chasm in their line-up with a permanent product.

Of course, the big goal for Analogue in 2021 is stock availability.

Super Nt & Mega Sg enjoyed two years being in stock, but 2020 and the supply challenges it has introduced has obliterated customer trust. Analogue need to get their house in order and their products back on the shelves.

I also asked for feedback, here’s a brief rundown of some of it.

Feedback: Get Analogue involved

Despite multiple notices, many still didn’t realise I don’t work for Analogue (~80 people simply said “stock”, for example).

r/AnalogueInc has no direct connection to any Analogue employee. This is something I need to communicate clearer.

I’ve reached out to Analogue to see if they’ll consider participating in the subreddit / offer statements to me directly for the newsletter.

Full disclosure: I don’t expect them to respond to my email.

Feedback: Organisation of Information

Going forward we’re going to have two weekly sticky posts

  • Fridays: Support Megathread (replacing Q&A)
  • Sundays: Newsletter

I’ll configure AutoModerator to post comments on all posts reminding them of the Support Megathread, right now most posts are overlooking the Q&A Megathread when they really belong there.

There are two key reasons we want people to use the support megathread:

  1. Less clutter on the subreddit
  2. I get a notification, meaning I’m more likely to see it and respond with help

Feedback: Community Negativity

Many have asked for some of the less positive members be blocked.

I don’t feel it’s right to do that. Analogue deserve some criticism and backlash over their practices, as long as it is done so fairly and reasonably.

If members don’t meet those expectations please report the relevant comment and we’ll step in to assess the situation.

Feedback: Reference Information

A few members also requested some reference information be made available.

At present we have the r/AnalogueInc Wiki, though it’s lacking quite a lot of information. I’d like to expand this, though Reddit wikis aren’t an ideal solution due to their limitations (no sidebars, image embeds, info boxes, etc.)

I’ll either keep at it or rethink how we catalogue information.

Please comment over in the Strt-Slct subreddit