Analogue Pocket Sentiment Survey Analysis


We recently conducted a community sentiment survey for Analogue Pocket. The bulk of our 1,109 responses came from the communities found at the r/AnalogueInc, r/AnaloguePocket subreddits and the Strt-Slct and Classic Gaming servers on Discord.

This survey was not conducted by Analogue, they have no insight into the results outside of this report.

While 1,109 people responded, the survey was designed to filter out responses from those with no experience of the subject matter.

For example: If you said you don’t have an Analogue Dock, those questions were not offered to you.

Questions were also not mandatory. As a result, the exact polling numbers vary question to question.

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation, and apologise for the lateness of this analysis.

Analogue Pocket

Based on 899 responses

Based on our polling, the initial reception to Analogue Pocket is overwhelmingly positive. 90% of responses gave Analogue Pocket 8/10 or above.


Based on 884 responses

97.1% (858) of responses expressed satisfaction with the screen on Analogue Pocket.

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining 2.9% / 26 responses.

7 responses indicated hardware defects with their screen panel.

  • Rogue lines of the screen being a solid colour
  • Image retention or ghosting, two of which specifically involved the use of green sub-pixels

4 responses indicated construction defects with their screen bezel. Issues include:

  • Screen bezel adhesive failing
  • Misalignment of the screen

7 responses indicated issues which may be attributed to either firmware faults or a defective screen, including:

  • Intermittent green flashing of the screen
  • DMG color palettes being inverted

2 responses indicated a dead-on-arrival system.

6 responses indicated expected features that are currently absent, relating to screen options.


Based on 889 responses

86.4% (768) of responses expressed satisfaction with the buttons on Analogue Pocket.

Please note, some responders reported multiple issues, as a result the total number of responses will appear to exceed 889.

Here’s a look at the 123 issues reported by the remaining 110 responders (13.6%).

65 responses indicated dissatisfaction with the D-Pad, primarily regarding directional input sensitivity.

30 responses indicated build issues with their L/R shoulder buttons.

4 responses indicated missed inputs on the action buttons and 1 response indicated phantom inputs on the action buttons.

1 response indicated build issues with their power button.

1 response indicated build issues with their volume rocker.

13 responses indicated firmware issues which we believe may have been resolved in Analogue OS 1.0A.

8 responses indicated dissatisfaction with the design and material choices, but no functional issue.

Cartridge Slot

Based on 800 responses

90.4% (723) of responses expressed satisfaction with the cartridge slot on Analogue Pocket.

This was a subjective question. The majority of the dissatisfaction reported stems from user anxiety rather than visual evidence and practical testing. As a result, I will summarise the comments made by the remaining 77 responders:

  • GB/C games have been known to crash setting the system down
  • L/R are too close to the exposed cartridge
  • Cartridge slot is loose, but does not cause game loading issues
  • Flash cartridge support is woeful

All two responses mentioning the Game Gear adapter wish it were more secure.

My personal opinion is that while GBA cartridges feel fine, I wish more support was given to GB/C cartridges. I have no concerns with my Game Gear Adapter.

Build Quality

Based on 866 responses

95% (822) of responses expressed satisfaction with the build quality of Analogue Pocket.

Please note, some responders reported multiple issues, as a result the total number of responses will appear to exceed 866.

Here’s a look at the 53 issues reported by the remaining 44 responders (4%).

30 responses indicated scratching on their system, many of which occurred prior to unboxing.

10 responses indicated issues with the screen bezel. 4 reported the bezel was chipped prior to unboxing, 3 reported the adhesive was misapplied and 3 reported light bleed.

5 responses indicated issue with the cartridge slot. 2 units had misaligned pins in the cartridge slot, 3 units have cartridge slots which are not level.

8 responses indicated other manufacturing defects, including idiosyncrasies with the link port.


Based on 466 responses

16.5% (77) of responses reported zero issues or dissatisfaction with the Analogue OS 1.0 firmware launched alongside Analogue Pocket.

Since releasing the survey a new firmware version – 1.0A – has been released. We will not be dissecting the 389 individual responses at this time as their relevance is now questionable.

We can confirm the overwhelming majority of complaints focused on flash cartridge support and the lack of a jailbreak.

Average review score for Analogue Pocket: 8.75/10

Analogue Dock

Based on 509 responses

The situation regarding Analogue Dock is complex, and our questions failed to accurate assess the product in its current state. As a result we will truncate this segment.

Here is a summary of the comments left regarding Analogue Dock running Analogue OS 1.0 firmware:

  • Firmware update process is confusing for the end user
  • Controller support is underwhelming
  • Dock is prone to crashing and freezing
  • Video options seen on Super Nt, Mega Sg, etc. are absent
  • Analogue DAC support absent

0 (of 511) responses indicated they had visual anomalies in the construction of their Analogue Dock.

Average review score for Analogue Dock: 7.64/10

Analogue Support

Finally, we asked all 1,109 responders if they had contacted Analogue Support. 303 said yes, 796 said no and 10 abstained.

Based on 1,109 responses

Our final question asked “If so, how would you rate your experience with Analogue Support?“. We received 399 responses – which is 96 more than the number that claimed to have ever contacted Analogue Support.

As 24% of responses have not contacted Analogue Support, we consider the following information invalidated.

Based on 399 responses


I’d like to once again thank all 1,109 responders for their feedback. If you want to review the full set of responses, that data is available to download below in the Microsoft Excel .xlsx format.

Please comment over in the Strt-Slct subreddit.