Pocket Patches

Last Updated: 2022-04-29 05:37 (UTC).


These patches convert games for use with the GB Studio mode built in to Analogue Pocket, allowing them to be loaded from the microSD card.


We recommend using Retro Patcher, a bespoke browser-based patching tool by Jon Abrams.

  1. You need to find the correct ROM file. This tool can be used to compare the MD5 checksum against the patch author’s notes.
  2. Upload the ROM to Retro Patcher. It’ll automatically scan for patches.
  3. Click Apply and Save to download the .pocket file.

⚠️ Warnings

Please note that link cable functionality and the real-time clock are not supported in GB Studio mode.

The GB Studio directory currently only supports up to 60 120 titles as of Analogue OS 1.0B. Please refrain from exceeding this number.

It is recommended that file names remain shorter than 15 characters.


Base GameHack(s)PatchDate
AlleywayAlleyway DXJoseJX2022-02-13
Arcade Classics No. 3 – Galaga and Galaxian [GB]Galaga & Galaxian DXJoseJX2022-01-26
Dr. Mario [GB]Dr. Mario DXBestPig2021-12-27
Kirby’s Dream Land [GB]Kirby’s Dream Land DX Revised & Fluffy Repair ServiceJoseJX2022-01-25
Kirby’s Dream Land [GB]Kirby’s Dream Land DX Revised & Fluffy Repair Service PlusJoseJX2022-01-26
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX [GBC]Link’s Awakening ReduxJoseJX2022-03-02
Metroid II: Return of Samus [GB]EJRTQ Colorization & EJRTQ Canon Samus PatchBestPig2022-01-22
Pokémon Blue Version [GB]Colored EditionBestPig2021-12-23
Pokémon Crystal Version [GBC]Crystal Clear 2.4.4BestPig2022-01-14
Pokémon Crystal Version [GBC]Crystal Clear 2.5.0BestPig2022-01-23
Pokémon Crystal Version [GBC]Prism 0.94 (Build 237)JoseJX2022-02-28
Pokémon Red Version [GB]Colored EditionBestPig2021-12-23
Pokémon Red Version [GB]Pokémon Blackjanmalec2021-12-31
Super Mario Land [GB]Super Mario Land DXBestPig2022-01-13
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins [GB]Super Mario Land 2 DXInfinest2021-12-28
Tetris [GB]Rosy RetrospectionFrenZon2021-12-23
Tetris [GB]Rosy RetrospectionBestPig2022-01-20


Bad Apple (Demo) [GBC]BookwormJoseJX2022-02-28
INFGMB [GBC]problemkaputt.deJoseJX2022-02-01
Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? [GB] (Demo)SnorpungBestPig2022-01-03
Klondike [GBC]Harold TolerJoseJX2022-02-28
Little Sound Dj (LSDJ) [GB]Johan KotlinskiBestPig2022-01-03
Paragon 5 Album [GB]paragon5BestPig2022-01-04
Super Imposter Bros. [GBC]LumpyTouchJoseJX2022-02-28
Tobu Tobu Girl [GB]Tangram GamesJoseJX2022-02-28
Tobu Tobu Girl DX [GBC]Tangram GamesJoseJX2022-02-28


Cave Noire (カーブノア) [GB]English, by Aeon Genesisjsky02022-01-02
For the Frog the Bell Tolls (カエルのためかねは鳴) [GB]English, by ryanbgstlJoseJX2022-01-20
For the Frog the Bell Tolls (カエルのためかねは鳴) [GB]English, by ryanbgstltumes beta2022-01-04
Medarot – Kabuto Version [GB]English, by Cash Medal ChameleonJoseJX2022-02-20
Medarot – Kuwagata Version [GB]English, by Cash Medal ChameleonJoseJX2022-02-20
Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 (ポケモンカードGB2 GR団参上!) [GBC]English, by Artemis251BestPig2022-01-04
Sakura Taisen GB – Geki Hana Gumi Nyuutai! (サクラ大戦GB 檄・花組入隊!) [GBC]English, by vinheim3JoseJX2022-01-12