Game Club

What is Game Club?

Our community gets together to play a video game, sharing our experiences as a group. Like a book club, but with games.

How does it work?

Game Club is split into rounds, not months. Each round lasts four weeks (28 days). This allows for an even amount of time for each round and ensures each round starts on a Monday.

During each round we encourage everyone to play the game, whether they’ve played it before or it’s new to them, and discuss it in either the Reddit mega-thread or in the new Strt-Slct Discord.

You’ll find links to those at the top of this page.

We’ve opened the Discord so that the subreddit doesn’t become awash with Game Club posts. While we’re very keen for participation, we also recognise some, dare I say most, members won’t be interested.

How are games chosen?

During the first two weeks of a round we’ll also be voting for the next game. This gives participants the final two weeks of a round to acquire the chosen game.

The poll will offer a selection of three member suggested titles that meet our evolving eligibility criteria, based on hardware ownership polling of our members.

From time-to-time we will have themed rounds, where the selection of games all fit a certain theme.

For example, when Analogue Pocket releases all options will result in a round played on Analogue Pocket. Similarly, we may choose to honour special gaming anniversaries.

RoundGameStart DateEnd Date
#1Ultracore1st Feb. 202128th Feb. 2021
#2Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck1st Mar. 202128th Mar. 2021
#3Ristar29th Mar. 202125th Apr. 2021

What if my choice didn’t win?

Well, you can go rogue!

We have a separate channel in our Discord called #gameclub-rogues for those playing the two unsuccessful candidates. This means you also have the option to triple-dip and play three games per round!

RoundRogue 1Rogue 2
#2Rescue: The Embassy MissionRoad Rash
#3Adventures of LoloPower Strike / Aleste

Got all that? Great! Get yourself over to the Discord, we’ve got a subreddit chatroom open in there as well as the game club channels!

Useful links

These links will not always be active/open. Please see #gameclub-about in our Discord for specific opening info.