I’m going to write this as James (the person), rather than Strt-Slct (the website). I hope that’s okay. I also want to stress from the offset that donation is optional and currently has no additional benefits.

Gaming has been everything to me for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s playing my collection, scoping out my next pick-up in a magazine, or watching others play games online – the escapism, immersion and community it offers is unparalleled.

As jimmyduckegg I’ve been proactive in the gaming scene, with the founding of the r/AnalogueInc subreddit and my moderation of the Classic Gaming and Video Games Chronicle Discord servers.

In 2022, I aim to begin my efforts with Strt-Slct – my digital journal through the world of gaming. Initially, I’ll be restricted to written media, but in the near future I aspire to create podcasts, videos and host a weekly live stream.

All of this requires time, effort and money.

Due to the hosting and domain costs of Strt-Slct, I’m already operating at a loss. As a result, I’ve opened a Ko-fi with the aspiration of breaking-even this year and recouping £51 to cover those fees.

If you choose to donate, I don’t know what to say… you’re literally helping my dream come true and I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for reading,


Current Goal

Video & Streaming Setup, £380

Goals Achieved

Break-Even 2022, £51