At Strt-Slct, we believe honesty and disclosure are paramount to earning your trust. That’s why we have this ethics page, which will evolve as we learn and grow.

Products reviewed by Strt-Slct will have their origin publicly stated.

If a product is sent to Strt-Slct for review, we will disclose whether we have temporary or permanent ownership of the reviewed unit. If a product is paid for by Strt-Slct we will also disclose that information.

All reviews are created in a vacuum. No one will review or approve the content before it goes live. We do not take payment or incentive(s) for review content, the only exception would be the receipt of a permanent review unit, depending on your personal perspective of payment.

If you’re interested in sending Strt-Slct a review unit, please contact us using the form below.

Please note: We will return a product, but we do ask that you provide return shipping to prevent us having operational losses.